Godzilla (1954) Or Simply Godzilla, Is A Kaiju Which First Appeared In 1954's Godzilla, He Appears In Godzilla:Daikaiju Battle Royale As A Playable Kaiju,

Design Edit

He Has Black Charcoal Colored Skin, Large Dorsal Fins Which Start At The Top Of His Head And Go Down Into His Tail, His Head Is Almost Dinosaur-Like, With Tiny Pupils, And Large Eyes, His Eyes Are Big, His Tail Is Large With The End Part Being Triangle Shaped, His Feet And Hands Have Claws, And His Legs Are Thick, With Small Arms,

Physical Attacks Edit

  • When You Kick 3 Times, You Do A Tail Whip
  • When You Kick And Squat, Tail Whip, Deals More Enemy When Enemy Is Far Away
  • When You Punch 3 Times, He Bites The Foe
  • Standing There And Allowing Idle Animation Regenrates His Health For A Short Amount

Abilities Edit

Incandescent Light/Atomic Breath Edit

Godzilla Unleashes A White Smoke Which Could Melt Metal, And Set Houses In Fire, His Atomic Breath Meanwhile In This Game Is Blue Colored, Much Like Later Versions Of His Character, To Do This Move, You Need To Press And Hold The S Key

Death Edit

When He Dies, He Roars Out Of The Pain And Collapses,

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