Godzilla 1962/KingGoji Is The Godzilla Design In The 1962 Film King Kong Vs Godzilla, He Appears As A Playble Incarnation In Daikaiju Battle Royale

Design Edit

A New And Fresh Look For The King Of The Monsters! He Now Has A Lizard-Shaped Head, Yellow Eyes, No Ears Nor Fangs, And His Dorsal Fins Are Yellow (Exlcusive To This Game)

Physical Attacks Edit

  • When You Punch 3 Times, He Does A Strong Headbutt
  • When You Kick 3 Times, He Does A Strong Double Kick

Special Moveset Edit

Atomic Breath: Edit

He Still Has The Atomic Breath From The Previous Godzilla, When It Kills The Foe, It Will Cause A Massive Explosion

When It Starts, Godzilla's Dorsal Fins Glow Blue, And He Unleashes The Beam, The Beam Takes The Form Of A Transparnt Glow Of Radation, It Does Very High Damage To Your Foes
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